An organization that supports and advocates for volunteer leaders of pro-democracy grassroots groups.

The Grassroots Collaboration Project is an all-volunteer, unincorporated advocacy organization representing the shared interests of leaders of pro-democracy grassroots groups, especially volunteer leaders.

Pro-democracy group leaders say:

Many of our state groups have been active since 2017 — time has come to strategize  nationally.

Denis, Volunteer Leader, Virginia

The GCP created the Grassroots Connector, our great new communication tool.

Steve, Volunteer Group Networker, California


Visit the Grassroots Directory to see a national roster of groups across the country working to maintain the blue in the White House and senate, and to turn the House blue.

This project is endorsed by grassroots cheerleaders Simon Rosenberg and Robert Hubbell!


Every person can do something and every person should try.

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An invitation to men: Trump and his supporters are driving America toward an abyss. As an active volunteer, you could help pull our country back from the brink. Man Up will help you find your own path to volunteering for Democratic victories in November! If you’re already volunteering, share Man Up guidance with other men who haven’t yet volunteered, but sure as hell don’t need to be persuaded that Joe Biden must win to ensure basic freedoms survive.

An invitation for women: Share Man Up with men in your circles, especially those who may just need a nudge.

Check out Man Up resources for interested individuals and groups and the ways men can share their experiences

Clean and Prosperous America Strategic Grassroots Empowerment Fund

Are you self-funding or fielding voter engagement projects in competitive geographies,on a shoestring?  If so, you should check out a new funding program in which Clean and Prosperous America is providing up to $2,500 for voter engagement work done by volunteer-powered groups whether or not they are incorporated. The response to a simplified RFP should take less than 30 minutes to complete. The first application deadline is May 15, 2024, but CaPA will be reviewing proposals on a rolling basis until the election. You can find full information and the application here.

Stay in touch with the grassroots community

The Grassroots Collaboration Project has launched the Grassroots Connector, a free newsletter for and by grassroots leaders. We report on innovative grassroots projects and the latest research on voter contact tactics and strategies.

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